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Founding member Mo comes back to CrossFit

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Mohammad is one of our founding members here at Heart and Beauty! He was interested in CrossFit after reading about Head Coach Nic's background and achievements. He doesn't have a particularly memorable CrossFit moment rather, he loves every workout equally thanks to the personality and positivity of our coaches. To anyone who has second thoughts he recommends just coming in and giving CrossFit a go. Once you start you'll to see the benefits doing CrossFit brings to your daily life. After a great workout he likes to enjoy Tokyo's many famous streets a parks. Need to relax? Check out Japan's amazing onsens.

Mohammad Akhtar


Where are you from?
Pakistani American

Wireless Networks Designer

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
6-8 years, but not continuously due to international business

How did you hear about us and what made you decide to start?
Several years ago, I was very fortunate to have met Pettas sensei, I read about his background, achievements, challenges, and as a business executive was very impressed with his achievements.... and how his tenaciousness, resilience, and perseverance kept him going to new heights... awesome

What has been your most memorable CrossFit moment?
Everyone day, everyone I come to take a session at Crossfit, it is uplifting and motivational.... Aya sama, and Pettas sensei welcoming personalities, and positivity they inject at the box is memorable every time!!!!

People you look up to and why?
At the box I look up to all the members, regardless of the cast, creed, age, or background, everyone’s religion is to support and encourage each other ... this is how sensei runs the show... and definitely someone who is admired and respected....

Favorite workout in CrossFit?
Boot camp most daring and addictive at the same time... I need to conquer my fears and do it more regularly...

What advice do you have for someone just getting started with CrossFit?
Just come... there is that moment right before you step in to the box... forces and biases sometime holding back... just let go all and any fears... “Just Come” and that wild one of the great decisions to self improve and start to feel good about yourself... as responsible for a very large corporate business, I found Crossfit extremely exhilarating and stress reducer... I was and am so impressed, I asked sensei to teach Crossfit to my entire AsiaPacific and Middle East teams at KL, Malaysia....

Favorite thing to do in Tokyo?
Walking around on the famous streets of Tokyo, and visiting parks often , and onsen every opportunity I can get to visit it.


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