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Community Spotlight: Valery & Matt Gross

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Meet Valery and Matt Gross. Veteran crossfitters, and athletes from Seattle, USA. Matt and Valery have been living in Tokyo for a few years now, along with their 2 children and are hitting their 2nd year anniversary with ACROSS FITNESS, next month! Congratulations! We caught up with them last week with a few questions about their journey so far. Check it out.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Valery: 14 years

Matt: 13 years

What made you decide to start?

Valery: My friend tried and said it was fun. CrossFit was relatively unknown back then.

Matt: My ex-girlfriend convinced me to try CrossFit.

What are your fitness goals or objectives?

Valery: Being strong and capable to do any activity I want. Longevity is also important; I want to keep my body in good physical condition to maintain independence as we age.

Matt: Always be able to beat my kids in any sport.

What is the most enjoyable thing about doing CrossFit?

Valery: I like the variety in what we do. Always a challenge. I also like how it is infinitely scalable. You can always make things either more or less challenging to match your needs at any given time.

Matt: Devils Press, Wall Walks, and DT

What do you love about the ACROSS FITNESS box & community?

Valery: It's a fun and culturally diverse environment. I enjoy getting to meet and workout with so many different kinds of people.

Matt: Meeting new people at the gym

Have you noticed any changes in your daily life since you joined the ACROSS FITNESS box?

Valery: Not really, but I've been doing CF so long... :)

Matt: Yes, I have a lot more energy, I walk faster, and eat more food.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting CrossFit?

Valery: Have an open mind, you'll be surprised what you learn about yourself.

Matt: Have fun, meet people, and work hard. You will see a huge difference in your life.


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