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Athlete Spotlight: Omar

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Everyone meet Omar! He's been training with CrossFit for over 3 years now and much prefers to work out at one of our boxes over other brands due to the fun atmosphere and support from everyone participating. Although it's easy to get ahead of one's self when trying to progress he recommends taking your time and laying down the foundations to truly see the amazing long term benefits. If you're in the Tokyo area he recommends checking out some of the hidden hole in the wall cafes and restaurants you could often miss if you're not looking.

Omar El Gabry


Where are you from?
Cairo, Egypt

Global Accounts Manager

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
3.5 Years

How did you hear about us and what made you decide to start?
I decided to take my fitness seriously so I scouted few boxes and I am glad I ended up in H&B with energetic and fun like-minded people. A normal gym didn't do it for me anymore because it lacked a sense of community.

What has been your most memorable CrossFit moment?
It is not the consistent increase in strength (Though the ego boost is rewarding), it is the first time I finished the WOD with everyone else ;-) I run out of breath easily so it is remarkable to notice an improvement in my stamina.

People you look up to and why?
People around me in the box! I think one of the humbling aspects about Crossfit is that it keeps most everyone's ego in check. Everyone has something to offer to help you progress. I am blessed to workout around all these awesome people.

Favorite workout in CrossFit?

What advice do you have for someone just getting started with CrossFit?
"Run away and never return!" - Scar, Lion King... Just kidding, now that you are still here, remember that Crossfit is a long term game where you MUST pace your progress and master the basic techniques. Eventually your ego will get in the way and you might attempt to go faster and heavier but don't as you won't really improve till you get the basics mastered.

Favorite thing to do in Tokyo?
Finding hole in the wall cafes and restaurants.


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