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Athlete Spotlight Bill

Athlete Spotlight: Bill

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Everyone meet Bill! He's been training Crossfit for 3.5 years now and found the Heart and Beauty community after searching local gyms online. I particularly enjoys the variety of our workouts as well as class options. He even entered a CrossFit competition last year only narrowly missing the finals! He enjoys eating many types of local cuisine in the area. Workout with us and you'll be able to eat without lingering guilt too!

Bill Nickerson


Where are you from?
Virginia, US

Science Director

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

How did you hear about us and what made you decide to start?
Internet search - I was moving into the area and dropped into most of the local boxes. The programming variety, class options and overall feel of the members' interactions was the best fit for me. Can't say I've regretted joining after almost a year.

What has been your most memorable CrossFit moment?
I finally did my first competition last spring - we missed the finals by one spot but it was an amazing experience.

People you look up to and why?
In life? My father - he and I are quite different personalities but he is the most consistent and unshakable person I've ever met who knows who he is and why. In CrossFit? I've always loved Ben Smith - just a guy self trained in a garage in front of the fridge.

Favorite workout in CrossFit?

What advice do you have for someone just getting started with CrossFit?
It's you vs you - don't look around too much - everyone is on their own journey. Ask yourself, did I challenge myself today? Did I grow, learn or get stronger? That's a win - rinse and repeat and you will be amazed at the transformation.

Favorite thing to do in Tokyo?
Eat the amazing food - and sight see.


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