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Andy meet's CrossFit to take it outside the Box

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Andy has been training with CrossFit for almost a year now after looking for a community to join for motivation. After taking part in a Spartan Race he discovered CrossFit thanks to it's fellow participants of which many are CrossFitters. A little research later and he immediately signed up and has been hooked ever since. He likes that CrossFit's functional movements are made to be scaled up and down depending on the members fitness level so that anyone can join in and support each other no matter how fit they're at.

Andy Wu


Taiwan / Canada


9 months

I used to work out by myself at the gym, but that got boring and lost my motivation. So, I started looking around other ways to stay fit that was fun and engaging at the same. I happened to come across the Spartan Race and met a lot of CrossFitters there, which got me interested in the sport. After watching a bunch of YouTube videos on CrossFit and the Games, I immediately signed up for trial class and am now totally addicted to the training method.

I think the most fun part of CrossFit is the variety of exercises, which are actually functional and challenging. I always look forward to seeing what the WOD is and challenge myself to do Rx whenever possible. Also, the community is really great with everyone constantly encouraging and challenging each other as well. Simply love the atmosphere at the box every morning.

憧れている人、もしくは目指している人はいますか? またそれはなぜですか?
Don't really have any one particular in mind per say, but I definitely look up to all those giving their best at the box and Rx-ing through the WODs. I just want to become the fittest I can be, and hopefully win a few races here and there.

Monster smashes, for sure. Even though I'm still weak at it, but I really love all of the big WODs.

CrossFit may seem intimidating at first, but it really is meant for people of all levels. The workouts are all simply meant to be functional movements, which you can scale and build up slowly. Give it a try, and I'm sure you'll be addicted to it like I am!!

CrossFit Heart & Beauty. Lol.


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